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LIMS Features

About the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System - LIMS Features

The Labmin Laboratory Information Management System simplifies the process of loading information of samples to create a work-order. Planning for analysis can happen at any time in order to prioritize client needs.

Labmin LIMS ISO 17025
About labmin

Labels and Bar Codes

  • User definable sample labels with the capacity to have the labels pre-printed
  • Login-sheets with bar-codes, supporting most bar-code layouts.

Management of Samples

  • Receipt of Samples
  • Registering of samples into the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System
  • Unique name allocations to individual samples.
  • Sample numbers, prep batch and quality control of batch numbers. Both at the Laboratory as well as online.

Integration of the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System with Analytical Instruments and Various Applications

  • Allows created analytical data to be stored directly into the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System; eliminating any typographical and transcription errors.
  • Document control and data protection tools to manage procedures and important files.
  • Unique identity of instruments with respect to calibration status and service maintenance.

Integration of LIMS to External Systems

  • Accounting packages e.g. PASTEL.
    Please request if you want to know who we have successfully integrated with
  • Creation of certificates of completed analysis to internal customers like geologists to easily retrieve the results. These are customised as per your client’s needs.
  • Warehouse Module for control of all consumables.
  • A BI (Business Intelligence) module is also available on request.
  • Multiple Language Interfaces allows the client to receive reports in their preferred language.

Billing / Pricing & Invoicing

  • Integration of Automatic billing of completed projects for clients
  • Integration your specific ERP requirements/system.
  • Create and manage quotations for laboratory.
  • Provide different pricing for individual clients.
  • Allows management of your implemented processes.
  • Physical tests can be set up at four different levels and priced accordingly. Pricing of tests helps you generate accurate invoices to decrease financial losses and discrepancies.
  • Tracks the profitability of each client
  • Allows you to track which customers are more profitable and how frequently they make use of your service.
  • Discount allocation per job/client
  • Tracking test results per client
  • Delivery of detailed trends analyses per customer
  • Delivery of detailed sample results per customer
  • Multiple contacts per client
  • Debtor Management

Sample Scheduling

  • Entry of single or multiple samples.
  • Automatically assigns sample numbers.
  • Automatic calculations for due and hold dates, both for preparation and for analysts.
  • Sample and test copying of common samples.
  • Options to put timers on individual samples.

Laboratory work flow management

  • Grouping of samples into work lists, preparation phases, and QA/QC batches.
  • Reviewing, printing and exporting of sample statuses and allows clients to login and add comments.
  • Warnings for samples nearing hold or due dates in the form of alarms, pop-up messages etc.
  • Links between sample status and result.
  • Additional laboratories can be added or deleted from Labmin.
  • These laboratories can be managed and viewed individually.
  • Advanced reporting per laboratory measures profitability and effectiveness.
  • Problem or excelling areas can be identified and managed for profitability and optimisation in real time.

Sample Tracking

  • Record the whereabouts of samples and their movement within and between the laboratories.
  • Sample backlog tracking.
  • Automatic generation of work orders and sample numbers with user definable formats.
  • Archiving samples from an active database.
  • Automatic printing of samples for disposal.
  • Entry by test, sample number, work list, or other information from Sample Master’s “Master Query”.
  • BI Tool that allows more sample information.

Approval and Review Management

  • Used for implementation of new lab methods.

Raw Data

  • Traceability of raw data as first generated by instrument or analysts i.e. raw data transferred to the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System.

Document Management

  • Analyst training, competency records, SOP’s and material safety data sheets (MSDS).
  • Automatic limit checking of results, when within limits. Automatically authorize reject or re-test, when not.
  • Automatic control chart checking on entry of QA/QC results.
  • Direct export of results to spreadsheet or other file formats.
  • Separate entry, validation and approval of results for reporting.
  • Generation of control charts by analyst, instruments, date, range etc.
  • Automatic accuracy and precision calculations when all formulas for calibrations are added into the solution.
  • Stock Control reports with QA/QC information as part of the analytical report.
  • Inventory management of standards and reagents, certificates of analysis and automatic expiry notifications.
  • Frequency based scheduling for automatic login, including workload analysis for upcoming samples.
  • Direct importing from spreadsheet with “point & click” file selection.

Sample Storage Condition

  • Storage location tracking e.g. water samples and chain of custody for each sample.

User Management

  • Define user capabilities/access and enables restriction protocols by user roles:
    • LIMS administrator
    • Laboratory Manager
    • Quality Manager
    • Lab Supervisor
    • Analyst
    • Customer etc.
  • An unlimited number of user definable custom reports.
  • Functions for internal clients to call-up and retrieve only their sample information.
  • Direct printing of reports to user’s printer and emails.

Analyst Certification

  • Keeps records of trained and certified analysts able to run the analysis as well as certifying of other analysts (competency records)

Test Result Review

  • Automatic production of test report/certificate as per clause 5.10 of ISO 17025.
  • Availability of data supporting the reliability of the information on test report (vertical auditing).
  • Audit trail reports.
  • Management reports.
  • End-user reports.
  • Statistical quality control for instrument calibration data, ensuring optimal equipment status.
  • Secure reporting and electronic signatures.
  • Electronic worksheet for producing results
    e.g. standards and reagents preparation, instrument calibration, review and revalidation details, sample batches, environmental and preparational summary, calculation worksheets etc.
  • Report review facility

Proficiency Testing Schemes and Inter-Laboratory scheme

  • Management of results for such schemes/studies
    Only if added into the system as an additional solution.

Back up support

  • Comprehensive training for laboratory personnel with different roles required for the Laboratory Information Management System.
  • LIMS Administrator training.
  • End user training and documentation.
  • After Sales Support/Technical Support.
  • Onsite Support (Travel and Accommodation not included).

The solution also caters for Satellite based laboratories to log into Labmin for the test & it’s results to be uploaded in real-time.
Giving your laboratory a much bigger scope to work with.





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