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Benefits of a Laboratory Information Management System

About the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System

The Labmin LIMS simplifies the process of loading information of samples to create a work-order. Planning for analysis can happen at any time in order to prioritize client needs.

Labmin LIMS ISO 17025
About labmin

The following is a brief outline of several of the main benefits identified and realised from current users of Labmin:

  • Information can be obtained with the click of a button rather than having to dig through files.
  • Years of data can be kept easily without the need for traditional archiving.
  • The improvement of business efficiency.
  • Improvement of data quality (all the instruments are integrated).
  • Automated log-in, tracking and management.
  • Automated customer reports (Turnaround Time, Work Load).
  • Automated Integration of Hand-held LIMS devices.
  • Automated Quality Control.
  • Daily Quality Reports.
  • Easily accessible data via the web.

Labmin Lite LIMS is a leading Laboratory Information Management System Provider for any small laboratory of 1 to 5 users, because it is Safe, Reliable, Secure and Cloud Based.

Labmin is BBBEE Level 2






Labmin is BBBEE Level 2

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